Science4you - Soaps & Hygiene Lab - Science Toy for Kids in 7 languages

Science4you - Soaps & Hygiene Lab - Science Toy for Kids (in 7 languages)

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The Soap Factory, from Science4you, will allow you to create fantastic scented handmaded soaps and keep your hands sanitized! Take care of yourself with fantastic home-made soaps! Cosmetic Toy with 8 Amazing Activities – Combine Soap coloring and Moulds that come with this soap making kit for kids and create fantastic handmade Soaps with different shapes: Fish, Seashell and Seahorse. Ideal Toys for Kids with 8+ Years Old – This science kit is perfect for children, girls and boys +8 years old who love the world of science and cosmetics. 21 Contents Included – This Soap Factory contains Pink Cosmetic Dye, Tropical Fragrance Base, Soap Base, Molds & Pouches Citrus Gift Bags, Red Coloring, Blue Dye, Yellow Dye and much more items! STEM Educational Toy – Science4you aims to develop educational toys that combine fun with education by encouraging curiosity and experimentation. Instruction Manual in 7 Languages: ‎English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Dutch.