Science4you - Robotics Alfabot - Science Toys for Kids in 8 languages

Science4you - Robotics Alfabot - Science Toys for Kids (in 8 languages)

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Build 3 different and fantastic robots in this robot building kit for kids. It has 238 pieces and a small built-in engine powered by AA batteries that makes it moving backward and forward! This toy is the perfect mix between a science kit and a construction toy and it is perfect for children, girls and boys 8 - 14 years old who love the world of science and robotics. It's an Educational toy inspired by the STEAM methodology (before known as STEM toy). STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. These toys help children to acquire knowledge in these 5 areas, stimulating their skills while playing. Instruction Manual in 8 languages: ‎English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Catalan, German, Spanish and Dutch.